Representation in courts

This section presents some projects of Yurbureau LLC in the branch Representation in courts.

Personnel reduction in a large investment company

In connection with difficult market conditions a large International investment Company (IC) decided to reduce its personnel by 10% all over the world, including the employees of the Russian office. A number of highly-skilled and highly-paid specialists became redundant. more

Employees discrimination, workers compulsion to the discharge

Having worked for 3 years in the Russian representative office of an international company, companys employee (a woman) went to the maternity leave in the position of a chief accountant in 2010. At the beginning of 2013 she went out to work and faced the circumstances which didnt allow her to begin performance of position duties to the full degree. more

Challenging the compulsion to conclude security obligations

In the 20-ies of the last century on the territory of one of Moscow's forest parks was created summer camp. Over the next 70 years the camp along with the land on which it was located, was transferred to various government agencies that formed the complex chain of relationships. In the early 90-ies between investment and construction company and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, was in charge of a summer camp, a contract was concluded under the terms of which the company carries out reconstruction of houses as part of a summer camp and get them in the property. At the same time the company has passed the land use right of the summer camp, between the company and the Department of property of Moscow signed a lease. more

Resolution of the dispute in respect of immovable property

In 2011 our client has terminated the marriage, which lasted almost 20 years. During the joint life of the spouses in the property at a sufficient quantity of property in connection with which the dissolution of marriage agreements were signed under the common property and determination of share in the common property of the spouses. Spouses belonged household with a lot of extensions that do not allow the division of property painlessly. more

Establishment of private easement

Non-commercial Partnership were filed claims on the establishment of a private easement. The plaintiff pointed out that for the passage and travel to the land in accordance with the agreed Administration Istra district of Moscow region masterplan 1995 Plaintiff must use a land plot owned by a non-commercial partnership. more

Protection of bona fide purchasers of real estate

Our clients - a young family with a young child got a mortgage a house and plot of land. Initially, the property was purchased in-law, who soon sold it to a young couple. Later, however, it turned out that the seller site - individual entrepreneur debtor appeared on a number of enforcement proceedings. One of the claimants (the amount of debt of more than 2.5 million rubles) judicially immovable property has been repeatedly arrested for the purpose of foreclosure and debt repayment. more

The contract of equity construction investment

In 1998, the contract of equity construction investment was signed by the construction organization and individual. The subject of the contract was the investment of the apartment construction. Later our client purchased from the individual the right to claim the apartment, becoming, thus, the investor. The construction organization significantly slowed the pace of construction, and the house was set into operation late. The documents for registration of property rights were not granted to the customer for several years. more

Dispute under the license agreement

A licensed contract concerning the usage of the non-exclusive license on a number of inventions protected by the Eurasian patents was conducted between the scientific-technical and research center (further research center and plaintiff) and a large building company (further as defendant). According to the conditions of the agreement, a building company had to pay a royalty for the entitlement, however it didnt make a payment, in this connection the representatives of the research center appealed to the court with a demand to recover a debt of 150 000 000 RUB. more

Copyright protection of a group of authors

In 1993, between co-authors Arutunova JM, SG Sahadze, Novikova GA and the publishing house "Nauka" was concluded the Contract on the publication of French-Russian dictionary "Language press." According to this Contract, the authors undertook to submit to the publisher edited and prepared to set the manuscript, as well as the exclusive world rights to the publication and distribution of Russian-French dictionary the Language press for a period of two years, with a circulation of not more than 25 000 copies. more

An apartment by inheritance

At the end of January 2009, the citizen "C" was given power of attorney to a citizen "K", certified by the notary of Moscow, with all the necessary powers for the alienation of an Apartment. At the end of February 2009 was the Contract of sale and purchase of apartments and decorated Transfer act to the Contract of sale of an apartment. All the documents were signed by the citizen "K" on behalf of the citizen "C". In mid-January 2012 citizen "C" has died. more

Protection of copyrights of the manufacturer

The company "For My Dogs" appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a suit against the company "Limargy" (well-known manufacturer of fashion clothing for pets) on the protection of exclusive rights. The plaintiff believed that clothing for pets that is distributed by "Limargy" includes features that are similar to the plaintiffs products what violates his rights to registered designs. In addition, "For My Dogs" pointed to unfair competition on the part of the defendant. more

Protection of the land owner

Our client acquired the land in Moscow region in 2004. The purchase and sale of land was notarized and registered in the Federal registration service. For 8 years the Client paid regularly the membership and target dues in the suburban noncommercial partnership, he paid for conducting communications, landscaping, etc. However in 2012 he was sued by a person who claimed to have received this land in a property back in 1994. more
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