Dispute under the license agreement

A licensed contract concerning the usage of the non-exclusive license on a number of inventions protected by the Eurasian patents was conducted between the scientific-technical and research center (further ‘research center’ and ‘plaintiff’) and a large building company (further as ‘defendant’). According to the conditions of the agreement, a building company had to pay a royalty for the entitlement, however it didn’t make a payment, in this connection the representatives of the research center appealed to the court with a demand to recover a debt of 150 000 000 RUB.

The absence of the payment from the side of the defendant was motivated by the fact that a non-exclusive license was not used in its activity andno products with the use of corresponding patents were produced.

For protecting the interests the defendant appealed to the YURBUREAU. Alexandr Poliakov and Irina Muravjova(Teselkina) were engaged in that project.


  • The plaintiff’s demand about the dissolution of the licensed contract was left without any consideration
  • In the demand concerning the debt recover as for the payment was completely declined
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