The contract of equity construction investment

In 1998, the contract of equity construction investment was signed by the construction organization and individual. The subject of the contract was the investment of the apartment construction. Later our client purchased from the individual the right to claim the apartment, becoming, thus, the investor.

The construction organization significantly slowed the pace of construction, and the house was set into operation late. The documents for registration of property rights were not granted to the customer for several years.

As a result, our client was unable to register the ownership of the apartment, built on its investment funds. This was the basis for the suit.

The client applied to YurBureau LLC for legal aid. Our lawyers were engaged in pre-trial settlement of the dispute, conducted the analysis of all the document submitted by the client (contracts and additional agreements, other documents), prepared a legal position on the case and the statement of claim, made the analysis of legislation and judicial practice.

The result was the satisfaction of the suit, a recognition of the Client's property rights on the disputed apartment and recovery of damages from the construction organization. Lawyers of YurBureau LLC carried out the work on registration of the property right on the apartment and on obtaining relevant documents, as well as the successful presentation of Executive documents to the enforcement.

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