The advantages of working with us:

A strong team of practicing lawyers

Possibility of solving difficult issues

Comprehensibility of conducting business

Transparency of pricing

Excellent correlation price-quality

Openness for clients

Possibility of distant collaboration

Guarantee of the financial quality of the rendered services

24-hour access to the information on projects


A professional team consisting of 15 people

Over 8 years of law practice

Providing with legal services for more than 20 directions of law

Over 500 of successfully realized projects

Over 300 of satisfied clients

About us

The company YurBureau LLC works at the market of legal services from 2006 and unites highly skilled lawyers with experience in different areas of law.

The basic work of the assignment of the company is a decision of intricate legal issues in various fields of law.

Basic directions of the practices of the company are:

  • Arbitral legal proceedings
  • Civil legal proceedings
  • Accompaniment of transactions with the real estate
  • Disputes with the intellectual property
  • Labour law
  • Fiscal law
  • Disputes about transactions with the fund

YURBUREAU occupies a middle segment of the market of legal services. Basic partners are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, private individuals.

The specialists of the company possess rich experience of work on the presentation of clients’ interests in arbitration courts, in regular courts of different instances, in arbitration tribunals.

From the moment of creation the company executed a successful accompaniment of more than 500 projects. Among them are disputes about probate cases, labour disputes, accompaniment of transactions with the real estate, debts penalty, protection of authorial rights, decisions of disputes with the authorities, verification of reliability of contractors, tax optimization of business, etc.

The employees of the company possess unique experience of accompaniment of projects in the area of the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

More than 350 physical and legal individuals are meant in the number of clients of the company. At the end of 2013 the capitalization of the projects of the company exceeded the sum of 550 000 000 RUB.

The basic forms of work of the company are:

  • Complex accompaniment of controlled business of organizations
  • Project work
  • Time-work

From 2013 the company is the authorized legal company of the Guild of realtors of Moscow region, which is noncommercial partnership which unites more than 160 organizations related to providing services in the area of the real estate.

The results of 2013 show that the company YURBUREAU is recommended by international edition Global law Experts as a leading law company in the area of accompaniment of transactions with the real estate.

In their work the employees of the YURBUREAU try as much as possible to use the possibilities of the modern information technologies for the economy of the resources of the company and for the reduction of their clients’ expenses. The possibilities of electronic circulation of documents and of modern software are actively used in the company.

The clients of the company can get the access to any information on their projects during 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information on any changes in the projects is sent to the clients automatically in a form of the specialized notifications.

For the time being 15 people present the staff of the YURBUREAU. The employees of the company know thoroughly the features of the Russian legislation and possess huge experience of decision of legal issues of different degrees of complexity,the majority of them have a good command of the English language. Employees’ qualification is constantly rising due to the vast law practice and due to the participation in different events (seminars, webinars, forums, round tables, presentations, etc.)

In case of necessity for the decision of the intricate dedicated issues the company appeals to the public accountants and advisers for them to solve the issues. The employees of the YURBUREAU respect themselves and their clients, thus the clients’ interests are valued higher than the interests of the company. While we study Your cases, we do an objective evaluation, coming from the real situation and the existing law practice. If we understand that to win a case is impossible we honestly admit this.

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