Employees discrimination, workers compulsion to the discharge

Having worked for 3 years in the Russian representative office of an international company, company’s employee (a woman) went to the maternity leave in the position of a chief accountant in 2010. At the beginning of 2013 she went out to work and faced the circumstances which didn’t allow her to begin performance of position duties to the full degree.

Unbearable working conditioned were specially created by an employer on purpose to compel the worker to retire from the company without payment of corresponding amends.

Employer’s violations were the following:

  • The employer didn’t provide a specialist with the necessary equipment, instruments, technical documentation, other facilities necessary for the execution of her labour duties
  • The employer ignored the guarantees given to single mothers having children under the age of 5. So, for example, the employer repeatedly tried to send the inferior in a business trip without a preliminary agreement with her
  • The employer reduced a wage to the worker of the company because of the conflict between them unilaterally and without any grounds
  • After the appearance at work the employer didn’t finalize a labour contract with the employee For protecting from discrimination and forcing to the discharge the company’s employee appealed to the YURBUREAU.

Alexandr Poliakov and Irina Muravjova(Teselkina) were engaged in this project.


  • The dispute is resolved in the pre-trial order
  • The employee is discharged with the payment of considerable amendby the agreement of the parties.
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