Resolution of the dispute in respect of immovable property

In 2011 our client has terminated the marriage, which lasted almost 20 years. During the joint life of the spouses in the property at a sufficient quantity of property in connection with which the dissolution of marriage agreements were signed under the common property and determination of share in the common property of the spouses. Spouses belonged household with a lot of extensions that do not allow the division of property painlessly.

Relations between the former spouses have deteriorated and they could not come to an agreement on the future of the property, which led to the solution of a spouse to apply to the court for the recovery of his wife's share value of the right to property under common ownership. For legal aid, he turned to Yurbureau LLC.

Employees of Yurbureau LLC formulated legal position, prepared a statement of claim, carried out maintenance trial until the appellate court.

Former spouse of the Client said counterclaim on the division of property in the course of the trial was carried out construction and technical expertise, the results of which were presented with several options for the division of property.

After examining the expert opinion, the trial court concluded that the features of the section of housing in nature. Given the complicated relationship with his ex-wife, the Client was decided to drop the case. Employees of Yurbureau LLC initiated the procedure and helped to identify the best option in this section of homeownership that serves the interests of the Client.

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