The advantages of working with us:

A strong team of practicing lawyers

Possibility of solving difficult issues

Comprehensibility of conducting business

Transparency of pricing

Excellent correlation price-quality

Openness for clients

Possibility of distant collaboration

Guarantee of the financial quality of the rendered services

24-hour access to the information on projects


A professional team consisting of 15 people

Over 8 years of law practice

Providing with legal services for more than 20 directions of law

Over 500 of successfully realized projects

Over 300 of satisfied clients

Penalty of the debts

The company YURBUREAU offers services in the penalty of the accounts receivable on all the types of agreements. More than 30 projects on the penalty of debts are registered in our practice. Among them are:

  • businesses related to the execution of delivery agreements;
  • businesses related to the different financial operations (credits, loans);
  • projects related to the disputes in the area of providing the services (implementation of the civil and erection works,lease, license contracts);
  • other types of businesses.

We are ready to join to the decision of Your issue on any stage of the process – either it is a pre-trial handling or an execution of the court decision.

Pre-trial handling

We will help You to make a presentation, to conduct negotiations with a debtor, we will conduct necessary legal advice on all the legal and technical issues with the purpose of the settlement of the dispute in the pre-trial order.

The penalty of the debts through the court

In case if Your debtor refuses to carry out his obligations we will prepare the points of claims, petitions, complaints, other types of statements for the transmission of Your case for consideration in the arbitration court, we will take part in judicial sittings.

The execution of the court decision

After the victory at the court we will control the process of the execution of the court decision, we will conduct the search of property and settlement accounts of a debtor, we will help to execute the appeal of penalty on the debtor’s cash assets, we will conduct accompaniment of the executor process. In case of necessity we will help you to expedite the bailiffs’ job.

Absence of contractual relations

We have a number of examples on upholding the client’s interests in scienterlosing cases and in situations when the signed agreements as such did not exist, for example, during the implementation of the civil and erection works without signing the acts of the executed works.

Forfeit penalty

Besides a basic debt, we will help to exact forfeits (fines, surcharges), interests for using other people’s money, losses arising because of the default, charges on legal services.

What should you do if someone tries to exact money from You

If the claims for the nonperformance of agreements are preferred to You, we will help to abate the sum of penalty provisions for the violation of the conditions of the agreement, we will litigate the amount of a debt, we will bring a counter action.

Cost of services in the penalty of the accounts receivable

Presentation of interests in the arbitral court costs:

  • for the first stage of process – from 50 000 RUB
  • Complete process – from 150 000 RUB depending on the sum of the lawsuit.

To appeal for help

If you need any help, feel free to ask us a question via phone or email, indicated in Contacts

Just apply – together we will be able to solve Your issue!