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A strong team of practicing lawyers

Possibility of solving difficult issues

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Transparency of pricing

Excellent correlation price-quality

Openness for clients

Possibility of distant collaboration

Guarantee of the financial quality of the rendered services

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A professional team consisting of 15 people

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Legal services in the area of taxation

YURBUREAU LLC offers legal services dealing with different aspects of taxation. These services can be both within the framework of the complex accompaniment of the business and in the form of the conducting of the valid for one occasion consultations.

The forms of conducting the consultations:

  • Personal meeting
  • Reply in the written form
  • Reply by phone or by means of the e-mail

Services dealing with the questions of taxation include:

  • Written or verbal advising on the legislation about the taxes and dues;
  • Advising on questions of the settlement of the separate types of taxes by legal and natural entities;
  • Estimation of the tax consequences of economic operations in the entrepreneurial activity;
  • Advising on questions of taxation of transactions with the stocks and shares of the societies (including the sale of the stocks, the participant’s withdrawal);
  • Estimation of the tax consequences of the transactions accomplished by natural entities (including purchase-sale of the real estate, donation, marriage agreement);
  • Verification of documentation about taxes and dues for the purpose of the accordance to the legislation (including documentation analysis prepared by the client and his contractor);
  • Preparation of the certificates on the enforcement practice of the Russian Federation;
  • Participating in negotiations;
  • Advising on questions of taxation during the realization of the verification by the tax organs;
  • Appeal in the administrative order of the legal acts of tax organs that don’t correspond to the norm, actions (non-feasance) of the tax organs;
  • Representation in the court.

Examples of our projects

Cost of the judicial consulting

Payment by an hour

The cost of services rendered by the hour is determined in terms of the existing hourly rates:

Position Hourly rate
Partner 9 000 RUB/h
Senior lawyer/project manager 6 000 RUB/h 
Lawyer 4 500 RUB/h  
Junior lawyer 3 000 RUB/h  
Lawyer’s assistant  2 000 RUB/h  


Project chart of payment

In each case the cost of services is determined individually. Approximate price standard is:

  • Written advising – from 30 000 RUB
  • Pre-trial settlement – from 30 000 RUB
  • Representation of the interests in the court for 1 stage of the process – from 50 000 RUB

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