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Composing a prenuptial agreement

“YurBureau” offers you services of composing a prenuptial agreement. Composing a prenuptial agreement is quite a difficult and important process that hides a lot of nuances. You should not forget that unjust composing of a prenuptial agreement can severely harm you and infringe upon your rights.

In case of need we can consult you on all the unclear topics, help you compose and certify your prenuptial agreement at a notary, make legal analysis of the given agreement, prepare or legalize amendments for an already existing agreement.

The cost of our services depends on the level of difficulty of the given situation and on the urgency of preparation of the agreement.

The timelines for preparation are set individually.

If you need any help, feel free to ask us a question via phone or email, indicated in Contacts

For your convenience, we offer you answers on the most frequently asked questions on the topic of “prenuptial agreements”.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreement (that is also sometimes called a marriage contract) - is an agreement of two people who plan on entering into a marriage or are already married, concerning their property. A prenuptial agreement regulates rights and responsibilities of spouses concerning their property both during marriage and, in case of a divorce, after.

When can a prenuptial agreement be concluded?

You can prepare and enter into a prenuptial agreement before the marriage as well as when already being married. If you want to compose a prenuptial agreement before the marriage, then it will become valid right after the state registration of the marriage. If such an agreement is composed by an already married couple, such agreement becomes valid right after being certified by a notary.

In which form does a prenuptial agreement have to be?

A prenuptial agreement has to be concluded only in written form. A prenuptial agreement has to be certified by a notary.

What topics does a prenuptial agreement regulate?

Mainly prenuptial agreements regulate property rights and responsibilities of the spouses. An agreement can be concluded both in terms of future property, and in terms of already owned property. A prenuptial agreement can regulate who and for what will bear expenses in family life, who will get what in case of divorce, state the property regime not only in terms of separate kinds of property, but also in terms of all owned property as a whole.

What topics a prenuptial agreement can’t regulate?

A prenuptial agreement can only regulate property rights and property relations of spouses. It can’t regulate non-property rights of spouses and rights for custody of children.

How can you terminate a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can be terminated in one of the listed ways:

  • 1)  By mutual consent of both spouses at any time;
  • 2)  By the rule of court based on the claim of one of the spouses.

When does a prenuptial agreement become invalid?

A prenuptial agreement can become invalid in one of listed cases:

  • 1)  In case of divorce – right after divorce;
  • 2)  In case of divorce – after reaching an agreement between spouses;
  • 3)  By the rule of court – after the court decision takes effect.

Can amendments to an already existing prenuptial agreement be made?

Any amendments to an already existing prenuptial agreement can be made only by mutual consent of the spouses.

What documents are needed for a prenuptial agreement certification?

For a prenuptial agreement certification at a notary you will need the passports of the parties. If the agreement is made by an already married couple, you will also need the original marriage certificate.